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I'm Susan Lyons, the Principal Consultant for Lyons Assessment Consulting. I work at the intersection of educational measurement and social justice, partnering with clients to leverage the power of assessment to create a more equitable future.

In addition to my consulting work, I teach at Boston College and I am the Executive Director of a non-profit organization aimed at advancing gender and racial equity in the field of educational measurement, Women in Measurement, Inc.

Consulting Services


I partner with clients to design innovative solutions related to educational assessment and accountability. I engage with clients and their stakeholders to understand their goals, develop a strategy, and deliver creative solutions to complex problems.


I develop and deliver sustained professional development opportunities for teachers, leaders, and assessment professionals. Topics include assessment for learning, culturally-sustaining assessment, & re-imagining school accountability.


I collaborate with clients and colleagues to develop written products and presentations that advance our thinking and share our work. My portfolio includes academic research, white papers, policy briefs, toolkits, and blog posts. 


I serve as a technical adviser to assessment and accountability programs. I have particular interest and expertise in offering technical solutions under policy constraints in order to advance innovation in educational assessment.

Selected Projects and Partners

Advancing racial equity in assessment

Strategizing on assessment approach

Evaluating assessment quality

Advising on system design

Measuring criterion-referenced growth 

Leading curricular re-design

Reporting on school quality

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